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Bathe Yourself in Love

Show yourself some love and spend some time in a luxurious bath. But, can I tell you how to take it a step further? Use your bath as a spiritual experience. Spiritual baths are used for holistic medicinal purposes as well as metaphysical healing rituals.

A warm bath with mineral salts and certain herbs can open up the respiratory system and aid in clearing up congestion, detoxing the body, or removing blockages in your energic fields.

Everything is energy and water is the source of life. Humans are energy and made up of 70% water. According to Mr. Masauro Emoto, well known for his years of work on the element of water, his evidence-based research confirms that human consciousness, vibration, and intention affect the molecular properties of water. Mr. Emoto's research and other scientific experiments demonstrated that water has memory. He states, "water is a mirror of yourself."

So in essence, since the skin is the largest organ of the human body, spiritual baths physically absorb the vibration and intention we created in the bath. The bathwater is 'charged' with high frequency, positive intentions, and certain items that can assist in creating a space for healing.

The items used in your spiritual bath should be natural products that stimulate the five senses and have ayurvedic and metaphysical healing properties.

Soaps of any kind are not used in spiritual baths. Washing the body after the bath is preferred. The warmest water temperature you can tolerate is recommended. You can add one item or several to create the space that feels right.

Here's how to prepare your spiritual bath:

You: Set your intention(s) and focus on the purpose of the bath, the focus of your bath may be to; reduce stress, connect with God, heal a bad habit, or balance your chakras. Find yourself in the present. Detach and relax, clear your mind, immerse yourself in the bath and accept the healing properties prepared.

The tub: Clean and declutter your tub. To clear and balance the aura in and around the tub, burn white sage, palo santo stick, or any incense you love. To charge the bathwater use, flowers, herbs, oils, crystals, and an ornament(s) that will help you connect to your intention. Bring in to the bath a book or meditative music.

The bath: Your bath time should be uninterrupted, stay in your bath for a minimum of 20 minutes, create a calm mind, think about your intentions. You may get emotional, allow the emotions to flow. The release of emotions is healing and it will pass. This is your time and there is no judgment and no right or wrong. Do what feels good.

Here are some items to consider:

  • Candles - Illuminate your space with ambient light. Turn off the bathroom lights and reduce the stress of harsh fluorescent lighting. Lighting is important in relation to mood. Candlelight creates a calm and relaxing space. Metaphysically, the color of the candle is significant and will amplify the intention of the bath. For example, you will light a red candle to increase; inner strength and to attract a romantic partner, a pink candle will support unconditional love, loving relationships, and intimacy. The scent of the candles can match the candle's color in meaning to create a fully holistic experience.

  • Crystals - Crystals such as amethyst, clear quartz, tigers eye, and tourmaline are natural elements and they have specific energies that permeate when charged. Do some research on which crystals are the right ones to use for your bath. Crystals are countless and their benefits overlap. Drop them in your bath and they will do the work.

  • Salts - Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Black Sea Salt Epsom Salt, detoxifies the body and protects the auric field. They stimulate the muscles to reduce pain and they have anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Essential Oils - Using high-quality essential oils such as rose, jasmine, lavender, and eucalyptus will create an aromatic space and provide powerful medicinal benefits.

  • Incense - Aromatherapy stimulates healing through the sense of smell. Specific scents have therapeutic effects on the body. Look into incense such as lavender, sandalwood, patchouli, sage, and rose.

  • Flowers and herbs - Beautify your bath with fresh flowers. Flowers and the color of the flower have meaning research the flower and use the one that will amplify the intention of your bath. Herbs have countless properties and can create powerful benefits to your spiritual bath. Some flowers and herbs commonly used in spiritual baths are, roses, orchids, lavender, bay leaves, mint, rosemary, eucalyptus.

  • Milk - Coconut milk, almond milk, oat milk, all have skin healing and hydrating benefits. Coconut milk is used metaphysically as an element of protection.

Spiritual baths can be done as frequently as you would like, a weekly or monthly routine helps heal and balance, the body, mind, spirit, and soul. As previously mentioned, everything is energy. We live in a difficult world, where it is almost impossible to escape the trauma. All of us have negative influences and micro- triggers from, social media, news outlets, friends, family, and work, that will lower our auric energy. Spiritual baths are one way to escape, connect to your higher self and heal your body physically and spiritually. Water is powerful and natural elements are grounding. Spiritual baths help to bring balance to your world based on your true intention and purpose. The benefit is to improve you.


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